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Why Trust BuildBarndos.com?

Build Barndos is committed to helping prospective home builders or buyers get the information, resources and potentially builder connections they need to get into their dream home.

We take your trust seriously and if we didn’t believe in what we were writing, we wouldn’t publish it.

Key Principles

Buying or building a home is likely the biggest financial decision most individuals will have to make. The different between making a good one and a bad one could be severely impactful on your financial future.

We aim to provide clearly written, straightforward information that is accurate and helpful.

We discuss topics consistently throughout the website and readers will not find any conflicting information or opinions.

We routinely review articles for outdated or incorrect information and revise them accordingly. If you find something we’ve missed, shoot us a message and we will fix the errors.

Each individuals circumstances are unique – we aim to provide helpful information generally and for a variety of different scenarios, but it is important to consider your own situation when evaluating decisions.

We fact check all of our information and we do not use any artificial intelligence in creating our content.

Editorial Independence and Advertiser Relationships

All content on the site is written by Build Barndos personnel.

All editorial decisions are made my the editorial staff and no outside third party influences the content we put on our site.

The editorial staff is responsible for evaluating the content on the site and ensuring it is not misleading and are not affiliated with any of our advertisers or partnerships.

The content is not edited or altered to promote an advertiser over a non-advertiser.

Both advertisers and non-advertisers are welcome to provide us with any data we use on the website and we will highlight the source of the data.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Trust BuildBarndos.com?

The founders behind BuildBarndos.com have been working in the construction industry for over 50 years with experience in all facets of construction. More than 20 contributors, including electricians, construction laborers and other experts, have peer-reviewed all content on the website.

BuildBarndos.com only works with qualified experts and all content goes through a rigorous editing process. It is our goal to only supply our readers with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information to make the right decisions.

You can learn more by reading our editorial guidelines.

Fact Checked

The fact-checking process we use begins with a thorough review of all sources and materials used to generate the content on our website. The team cross-checks all information with a reputable source, such as local building inspectors.

Each page on our website includes all sources of where information was found for full transparency.

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